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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Crocheted Gifts!

Well hope your all staying warm. It's raining here and might get up to 8 inches tomorrow and with the wind shield could be around 35 below zero. I'm already not a fan of winter, but this is beyond crazy. 

A few things that are good to do in cold weather is to do some paper crafting and Crocheting. So hopefully those things will keep me busy and get my mind off of the freezing cold weather. 
I am working on some Invitations for my Grand Daughters birthday that will soon be coming up and I'm still working on Crocheting her blanket. I hope I can get it done in time. 

We had a nice Christmas and my side of the family had our Christmas on New Years Eve. It's the perfect time to get together because it all give's us something to do on New Year's Eve.

We always play Bingo and some of them had dancing contest using Just Dance 3 with the Wii Game. It was so funny and the food was sooooo good. Sure wish I had some of it right now. 

Thought I would share a few pictures of a few things that I Crocheted for gifts. 

For part of my Siblings gifts. I Crocheted little Christmas Wreaths and put them on Blue Mason Jars. Stamped some snowflakes on a circle cardstock for the top and for the Inside of the jars I made  gift card holder's to hold their gift cards. I thought it was a cute Idea. 


I also Crocheted my first Infinity Scarf. Gave It to my daughter for Christmas. She Loved It! The color is called Buff and I made it extra wide so she can also wrap it over her head. It is so stretchy and soft.


  This Scarf is made of 20 rows. I am wanting to make me one and also wanting to make some 10 row one's in different colors. My Grand Daughter is already asking for one in pinks and purples.

Well I guess I had better go and start working on those Invitations some more.  Stay warm my Crafty Friends! Come back and visit again.  Cindy

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  1. I should visit you...where it's warmer! Yes, there was a wind chill of -50 here this morning, so your weather is a little balmy! lol I am the same way. As soon as it's cold I start knitting and crocheting. Pretty wreathes, and the infinity scarf is fantastic. Do you have a pattern to share?
    A Very Happy New to you, Cindy! :o)