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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vacation,Petite Miss and Crochet

Hi Bloggy Friends, So nice of you to stop by. Wanted to get this post in because I am going on Vacation in a few days.
I am going to Florida with my Daughter and Grand Children to Walt Disney World. My Grand Children are so Excited. We have never been to Walt Disney World. We will be staying for a week and then going to Coco Beach. Which I am SOOOO Excited. This will be our first time seeing the Ocean. Whoooo Hoooo!
Just not looking forward to long drive and not to Excited about all of the walking either. But I'm taking my Go walk Shoes.  So I'll let you know if they are good for that much walking.                            

So before I take off I want to share with you what I made my Grandkids to take to Florida.
It's a pouch that I Crocheted to hang behind the front seat to hang below one of the DVD Players to hold their movies.  

                 This was my first time making anything like It. So it turned out o.k.  I did make the strap a little to long. Going to shorten It a little. Made it in Grey and a strip of yellow. Thought it would look good with the Interior of my Daughters car. Unfortunately the picture doesn't show the colors very good.

I also wanted to share that my Grand Daughter Scarlett was in the Fall Festival Pageant here in our hometown and she won Petite Miss. She was so Excited. There was 16 girls in her group. We were all Excited. She did such a wonderful Job. So Proud of her.

Here is a few pictures of her in the Pageant.

 As you can tell she was pretty Shocked and Excited. Sorry about the picture of her in the crown. Her hand moved and made it look all blurry. Sometimes I can get so mad at my Camera.

Well It is time for me to go. The Grand Kids are spending the night and they are wanting something to eat. So I had better go. But I want to Thank you again for stopping by.


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  1. I hope you have a great time in Florida! Your granddaughter is adorable and the crocheted bag for your daughter's car is a super cute idea!