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Friday, July 17, 2015

Crochet Baby Blanket!

 Hello Crafty Friends, How are you all doing? Enjoying your Summer I hope. Some of you may know I am (Not) a fan of the hot days of Summer. 

It's funny, I don't think my Grand Daughter is a fan of hot days either. She came in the other day and told me how hot she was. She said I'm even sweating and I don't sweat.  I had to laugh. 

Something that is hard to do in hot weather is Crochet. But my son is going to be opening up a Place for Photography and he told me that he was planning on buying a few Crocheted Baby Blankets and that they were $40.00 a piece. So I told him that if he bought the yarn that I would try to make him a few.

I had never made a Baby Blanket before but I thought I would try to make one for him. So this is my first one that I just finished.

I think It turned out pretty nice.  Hope my son likes It. I guess that's all that matters.  The yarn I used was Bernat  Baby Sport. I had never used a thinner yarn on a blanket before and this yarn had a bunch of of knots in It.   I've heard other talk about this yarn having lots of knots. So I guess it's not just the skein I used. 

So I guess I will be starting on a Blue one next. I am thinking of trying two strands at a time on the next one. Not sure yet and maybe try a different pattern.

If you would like to try this pattern. Here is the link...

Baby Blanket

Thanks for stopping by and stay Cool and Crafty friends.


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS! So beautiful and makes such a wonderful gift!
    Have a great evening!
    Sherrie K

  2. What a gorgeous baby blanket!! The detail is amazing!! The soft pink is so pretty!! Beautiful!! It's a scorcher here today...heat index in the 100's. Thank goodness for air conditioning!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts