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Friday, January 16, 2015

Stamp Organization!

 Hi to you all. Alot has happened since I posted last. The start of this year hasn't been a good one. My Dad passed away a few weeks ago and  Haven't felt much like Crafting.

I did Crochet my first hat for my Son's Birthday and gave it to him yesterday. I was afraid that it was going to be a little to big and I was right. I told him that I would make him another one. Hopefully I can get the next one right. 

I actually forgot to take a picture of the hat and I had him go ahead and take it with him.  He said he would find someone that it would fit. So won't be sharing a picture but hopefully I will remember to take a picture of the next one. 

My little Grand Daughters Birthday is coming up in a few weeks so  planning on making her a Card and thinking about making her some Boot Cuffs. Unfortunately I have never tried making them either. So I'll have to wait and see if I can make them right. 

Since I don't have anything new to share with you,I thought I would share something I did a few months ago.

  I attempted to organize my Stamp Sets. I hated digging through them to find what I needed. So I numbered them and placed them on the shelves where I wanted them. Then I took them and stamped each one on white card stock and placed them in plastic sleeves. I also put the number by each stamped Image. 
I also have a lot of Stamps in Drawers and hated digging through those to. So I placed a number on the out side of the drawer and stamped all of the Images that were together in each drawer and numbered them to. But also added the number that the was on the outside of the drawer.   

Now all I have to do is look in my Stamp Binder to see all of my Stamps.  So easy to find what I need now. It did take awhile to do but I'm glad I did it. So worth It.

Thank You for stopping by, I really appreciate you taking time to visit. Good Day to you. Cindy