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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Little Crocheted Easter Baskets!

Hello!  How are you all? I haven't posted for a good while. Feels good to finally write a post. The weather has been crazy here lately. The other day it was 85% and now it's in the 20s. All of my Daffodils have bloomed and they look so pretty. Now It's going to freeze tonight. We were suppose to get snow last night and we didn't. So thankful for that.

Been trying to get ready for Easter. Planning on going to the Sunrise Service at Church and then have a pitch in Breakfast.

I have been making some little Crocheted Easter Baskets for my Grand Children. I will still give them their regular Easter Baskets. But I wanted to make them a little one, so that they would have it for a keepsake.                                                                                Now I have to tell you, I had never tried making a basket. So after a few attempts. This is what I came up with. (picture isn't the best, was taken with my phone).


This is the one that I made my Grand Daughter. (This was my third attempt at making a basket). But I finally figured it out.
I just used Red Heart yarns. I had to add some lavender. Purple is my Grand Daughters favorite color. Mine to. Made my Grandson a blue one. but still need to add the handle.
It was made with half double crochet. I used a J sized hook. and a   I sized hook for the handle.

I won't post how I made it. because I didn't write down how it was made. If I make another. I will write it down as I go.

I'm not very good at making flowers either, but I found a video on youtube and made one. It's actually about the third one that I made because they seemed to big. I went with a smaller hook size and liked it best.  I used hook size H and a light pink yarn.                

For the Lavender Cluster in the middle of the flower, I chained 4, put hook into first stitch. will make a hole. Single crochet 6 times into hole. Slip stitch into first chain. Cut yarn. Pull beginning yarn tight. This makes a little cluster. I then added to the basket.                          

Hope you all liked seeing the Easter Basket that I made. I'm going to have to get off of here. My Grand Children will be here soon. Hope you all are doing well and want to wish you all a Happy Easter.