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Monday, August 29, 2011

Scarlett's Card for Olivia!!!

Hi Everyone, It's getting kind of late.But I thought I would go ahead and get this posted. Just the other day I heard about a Little girl named Olivia. They found out recently that Olivia has a Brain Tumor. She should have started Kindergarten,but is in the Hospital. Just seen where she had Surgery on August 22. They removed all of the Tumor. They have started a card drive for Olivia to cheer her up. My Little Grand Daughter Scarlett wanted to make her a Card. So today She made Olivia a Tinker Bell Card. She did almost the whole Card by herself. I helped a little. But she wanted to do it by herself. I think she did an Awesome job. Especially for only being 4 years old. I told her that I was going to put her Card on my blog and she told me to write that she is 4 1/2 years old. (She's 4 1/2 going on 30). He! He!  If you would like to make Olivia a Card or anything,Please click on the Card drive for Olivia for Information. If you would like to see an Update on Olivia and see more pictures,go to  http://www.stacy-scrappinqueen.blogspot.com/   Thanks for visiting my blog and Scarlett will love it,If you could leave a comment.
Scarlett took her Card to the Post Office Yesterday,Got up on the Counter and told the Postman all about Olivia,Told him to make sure he get's it to her. (So Sweet)!!! 




  1. Super sweet!


  2. What a wonderful card Scarlett made and what a thoughtful thing to do! She is a very talented 4 and a half year old :0)

  3. Please tell Scarlett that she made a very beautiful card for sweet Olivia! Tinkerbell is one of my favorite characters too, and I really liked the flowers she put on the card. It is very nice for her to be thoughtful -- and for her Mamaw to include it on her blog. I hope I am as sweet as Scarlett is when I am 4-and-a-half ...hahahahaha... I am more than 4-and-a-half DECADES old!! Kisses and hugs!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  4. Aww how adorable! Scarlett did a BEAUTIFUL job on her card! I love Tink-she ALWAYS makes me smile. :) Good job, Scarlett! What an angel you are. Take care!

  5. Btw, is that Olivia in the picture? She is absolutely precious! What a strong darling. My heart goes out to her and her family.

  6. Tell Scarlett that I absolutely love her card!! She done a fantastic job. I am sure that Olivia will love it!! I bet the post office clerk that she was just adorable. Tell Scarlet that her Aunt Tonda loves her!!!