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Monday, October 10, 2011

Mini Miss Queen Scarlett !!!

Hi, Everyone! I just had to share with you that my Little 4 year old Grand Daughter Scarlett River won the Fall Festival Mini Miss Pageant last night. I'm so Excited, I can't hardly stand It!  My family and I was so shocked that she won out of 17 girls. When they announced that Contestant #8 was the winner. We all Jumped up and Screamed. We were acting like a bunch of Crazy People. Oh, I'm just so Happy for her. She is so excited she gets to be in the Parade with all of the other winners. She has already ask us to buy her some candy to through out to the little Children. She's so Sweet and such a blessing to us all. Thought I would share a picture of her with the Princesses. Thanks for visiting my blog.

     Click on Picture if you would like to see a closer up Image!                                                                            




  1. Congrats to our little Scarlette!! Yes, we did act like a bunch of crazy people when they announced her number but it was a "good crazy"!! lol

  2. Oh, by the way, I think she gets her sweet personality and looks from her Aunt Tonda!! lol

  3. Congrats to her and all your family, she looks like a sweetie!