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Friday, October 31, 2014

Two little Spooky Houses!


Happy Halloween! So glad you stopped by. Our town is having Trick or Treating tomorrow Night. So I have an extra day to get things ready for Trick or Treater's to come.

My Daughter is going to be making me a big batch of Chocolate No Bake Cookies to give out. Thought that was so sweet of her to offer. They are my favorite cookies, so I hope she makes a few extra.

I Love Halloween and my Grand Children do to and I try to do something a little crafty with them before Halloween. So this year I bought them little wooden Haunted Houses for them to decorate.

I ask them if they wanted to add Halloween paper but they both said no, they just wanted to paint them. So I thought I would take a picture of their little masterpieces and share them with you all.

They are Soooo Spooky Cute!!! Hee! Hee!

I also thought I would share a few pictures of my Grand Children carving their Pumpkins.

Love how their Pumpkins turned out and really like the last picture that was taken at night. Like how you can see the black cat window clings behind them.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have Fun and Safe Halloween and hope you don't get Spooked.:0)

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow!! Those pumpkins are fabulous! They look very happy to pose with them! Have fun tonight! :o)